Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship

Noah Rodriguez Memorial ScholarshipThe Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarships to high school graduates in memory of Noah, a student of PfISD who passed away in 2013.

A Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship was awarded for several years through the Pflugerville Education Foundation to a graduating PfISD Senior pursuing a college degree in Engineering at an accredited university in Texas. This scholarship is no longer processed through PEF.

Marc Abdallah and Randy Hodges were named recipients of the 2019 Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship.

Franklin Nicolas Afenkhena and Brodie Mazyrack were named recipients of the 2018 Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship. Afenkhena attended Hendrickson High School; Mazyrack was a Pflugerville High School student.

2017 Scholarship Recipients

PHS - Rodriguez Scholarships 2017

Pflugerville High School

CHS - Rodriguez Scholarships 2017

Connally High School

HHS-Rodriguez Scholarship 2017

Hendrickson High School

About Noah:

Noah enjoyed hanging out with family and friends, fencing, video games, music, and coin collecting. He was a student at Windermere Primary, Highland Park Elementary, and Park Crest Middle schools in Pflugerville. He was the ultimate student; he loved learning new things every day. He was also a natural teacher; he enjoyed sharing what he loved with others. Noah’s classmates said he would help them in their classes and always with a smile on his face.

Noah planned to attend UT, major in aerospace engineering, fly jets for the military, and travel the world. Although Noah’s time on earth was only 13 years, he continues to make our world a better place. The Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to honor Noah’s love of learning and his kindness by helping the dreams of others take flight with scholarships.

Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship


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