Mott Scholarship

Established by Charles and Vernagene Mott, the Mott Scholarship is intended to encourage and supplement the recipient’s educational pursuits in the medical, scientific, or engineering fields.

2020 Mott Scholarship Application

To provide financial support to a graduating PfISD Senior pursuing a college degree in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering or a focus in Pre-Med at an accredited state university in Texas.


  • Current Pflugerville ISD Graduating Senior
  • Successfully completed 4 AP classes
  • Ranked in top 5% of their class
  • NHS member in good standing

Applications are now available and are due to the Pflugerville Education Foundation by 4:30 pm on April 1, 2020.

Prior Honorees

2020 Mott Scholarship Honoree

  • Allison Kemeny, Weiss High School

2019 Mott Scholarship Honorees

  • Randy Hodges, Pflugerville High School
  • Reem Fashho, Hendrickson High School

2018 Mott Scholarship Honoree

  • Brinda Prasad, Hendrickson High School

2017 Mott Scholarship Honoree

  • Trista Gerner, Hendrickson High School
    The first-ever Pflugerville Education Foundation Mott Scholarship recipient, Trista is attending Texas Tech and successfully completed 19 hours her first semester with a 4.0 grade point average. Very impressive as she works toward her engineering degree.

2017 Mott Scholarship


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